A simple question Mr President:

Posted: January 19, 2013 in The End is Near

School shootings during the Clinton “assault weapons” ban:

11/15/95 – Lynville, Tn School shooting
2/2/96 – Moses Lake, Wa School shooting
2/19/97 – Bethel, Ak School shooting
10/1/97 – Pearl, Ms School shooting
12/1/97 – West Paducah, Ky School shooting
4/24/98 – Edinboro, Pa School shooting
5/21/98 – Springfield, Or School shooting
4/20/99 – Columbine, Co School shooting
5/20/99 – Conyers, Ga School shooting
11/2/99 – Honolulu, Hi Office Shooting
12/26/00 – Wakefield, Ma Office Shooting
3/5/01 – Santee, Ca School Shooting
3/22/01 El Cajon, Ca School Shooting
1/16/02 Grundy, Va College Shooting
4/14/03 New Orleans, La School Shooting

What will a second AWB do to “keep children safe”?


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