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God ble$$ the U$A: Finest politicians money can buy!

Despite the soaring rhetoric and scandalous accusations, if anybody here REALLY thinks either party gives a flip about your piddly problems, you’re deluded.

As far as “voting” goes: after the Bush/Gore debacle in 2000, the powers-that-be pushed hard for electronic voting. Numerous videos have surfaced since then showing how easily (and frequently) these machines can be manipulated, yet frequently NO PAPER TRAIL is ever created to allow suspicious results to be examined after the fact. Open source code? Nah, that’s for Commies.

A few years ago, during the 2004 elections, one county in Ohio (someone please Google it) ended up with 3000 votes cast for Bush where there were 600 registered voters.  (Who needs to round up warm bodies to vote when you can just type a command and throw an election the modern way?)

…And that doesn’t even mention the good old fashioned voter fraud that has gone on essentially forever, yet any common sense solution (like voter ID) sets off waves of howling about “disenfranchising the voters”.

…Or the “directed” voting of people who are legally-eligible, but mentally deficient to vote (think group homes, nursing homes, etc. where the staff pencil-whips absentee ballots.) After her death, we discovered my wife’s aunt “voted” for 4 years in her nursing home bed, even though she was addled by a stroke, all contracted up, and unable to communicate at all.

Despite whatever BS is spewed, once in office BOTH will do exactly what the Big Money Boys tell them to do — just like always.

This whole “election” thing has about as much significance, and legitimacy, as American Idol.