Full-color “No guns = No money” 4×6 business owner education card.

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

As requested, I have changed the “No Guns = No Money” education card. It is now formatted as a 4×6 print, which can be printed at any Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. photo kiosk for 15-20¢ and cut in half for economical distribution. (Original post here.)

Click me, download, print out as 4x6 print, cut in half, distribute!

Hot Link:  https://snoballs.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/no-guns-no-money-2.jpg

It doesn’t require a hard-sell, or a confrontational discussion, to make your point.   You are seeking to put a polite, respectful face on legally-carrying gun owners, nothing more.

Launching into a Second Ammendment lecture, or fear-mongering about The Zombie Apocalypse will NOT help. (Doing so will only reinforce whatever negative stereotypes the business owner already has about “Gun Nuts”.)

Someone who is shy (like me), could just hand the card over, say something like “I just wanted you to know how this sign affects me, a loyal customer” and leave. (No stressful deep conversation required.)

The strategy is not to PUSH someone into your way of thinking, but to gently lead them to reconsider how bad theirs is with gentle pulls.  (Anyone who has ever worked with a mule will understand the technique.)

No, you can not change the world overnight, but you CAN improve your little piece of it, one step at a time!

With the heavy media stereotyping after every gun-related atrocity, is it worth 10¢ and 2 minutes of your time to RESPECTFULLY educate business owners about who their gun-owning customers really are?

Please help spread the word about this “low-confrontation” education mission to others you know.

  1. Mister McCool says:

    Change “unlawful” to “lawful” in the white bubble under the gun.

  2. It irratates me that gun shows prohibit concealed carry and so I seldom attend. I wonder why you haven’t addressed the gun show prohibitations. Guns are thier business and they should support concealed carry.

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