No Guns = No Money: Let’s educate the masses!

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I recently talked with a local business owner about his “No Guns” sign on his front door.

He stated he didn’t realize that there a number of people who can legally carry, and the sign was aimed at the thugs, not “good” people. Unfortunately, the sign (which carries the weight of law in North Carolina) does not distinguish punks from people.

He agreed he would actually like to have legitimate gun owners around if the SHTF. In this case, education worked.

Using ideas from a thread on another forum, I have produced some cards that can be printed and handed out to other business owners.

Please help spread our message in a non-obnoxious manner!

  1. […] 404 error. Here are a couple of others, though:…te-the-masses/ This is actually a 4"x6" "Business Owner Education Card" – VERY WELL DONE! Can […]

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