Thank you Baby Boomers.

Posted: November 8, 2010 in The End is Near

Look at the second column (billions your government will borrow next year) and compare it to the TOTAL of all the other nations listed (except Japan).

(Source: 11/06/2010)

Borrowing now accounts for 30% of GDP, taxes account for another 30% of GDP meaning the government now spends 60¢ of every dollar we earn.

Now look at your 401k plan and plans to collect Social Security.  Now back at the chart.

Now look at your income tax form.  Now back at the chart.

In my hand I’m holding your tickets to the poor house, without the things you love.

Sadly, your taxes WON’T be going down, but your government services WILL, no matter which party is in power due to a generation of government irresponsibility.  

I’m on a horse.

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