The War on Drugs.

Posted: September 25, 2010 in The End is Near

After 4 decades of the “War on Drugs”, we are no closer to winning than when we started.  The asset forfeiture laws, mandatory minimums, and other draconian measures have destroyed more lives than they have saved, yet our civil rights continue to erode.

Looking at these pictures of the assets seized recently from a Mexican drug lord, you can see how well things are going in stamping out the “scourge of drugs”, and you can be sure NONE of that loot is making it’s way into the pockets of government officials NORTH of the border.

No sir, not one penny.

Of course, the only solution is to spend more money on this never-ending farce, but in case you haven’t heard heard; the government is broke.

Maybe we should borrow some money from the drug lords to pay for the drug war.  They seem to have plenty, and probably charge less interest than the Chinese Army to boot.

America, with less than 5 percent of the world population, has a quarter of the world’s prisoners.  There are six times as many Americans behind bars as are imprisoned in the 12 countries that make up the entire European Union, even though those countries have 100 million more citizens than the United States.  Our jails and prisons have become the 51st state, with a greater combined population than Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota.Editorial, San Jose Mercury News, 1999-12-31.

And don’t worry, that black helicopter buzzing around your neighborhood is just looking for illicit marijuana cultivation.  Nothing to worry about.


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