Redneck gun ownership needs a make-over.

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was discussing gun ownership with a customer a few days ago, and she made the statement that “gun owners seem to be illiterate rednecks who just want to blow stuff up while drinking beer.”  She voiced this opinion to me, not realizing that I was standing next to her with a concealed pistol on my hip.

Rather than bristle and leap to defend the Sacred Honor of Gun Owners Everywhere, I let her explain further.

She feels that beyond hunting, and perhaps a shotgun for home defense, Americans do not need so many weapons and that some people have WAY, WAY too many guns, and behave like idiots with them a lot of the time.

The irony of her statement is that she collects sewing machines, and probably has over 100 in her house.  The joy of collecting (and yes, fondling) a precision tool doesn’t apply to UNHOLY INSTRUMENTS OF DEATH in her mind.

Unfortunately, looking at it dispassionately, I see her point of view as an outsider to “USA Gun Culture”.

The “average” gun owner (to her crowd) IS the immature, drunken buffoon who shoots up old appliances in the back yard, or posts “Hey y’all; watch this!” gun videos to YouTube.

The media always seems to interview the mouthy skinhead (with more tattoos than teeth) every time a news story on gun-ownership/tragedy/rights is aired.  You also see very few, if any, African-Americans represented in gun ownership stories (except for the stereotypical gangsta, holding a Glock sideways, robbing a liquor store in the ghetto.)

They don’t see the average gun owner because most of us are meek, non-racist, law-abiding, and blend in well with the community. Yet they judge us by the above-mentioned idiots because they stand out so much more.

In  contrast, compare how these Swiss gun-owners (home of a very, very low crime rate and MANDATORY high rates of gun ownership) present themselves, versus the typical American gun-toting YouTube sensations:

I’m sure the guys in the second video are decent folk, but they seem to violate every stereotype and safety issue in just one 3:15 video,  (That’s some skill right there – Git ‘er done!) and this type of behavior is not rare.

Organizations like the NRA spend a great deal of time working with lawmakers (and fundraising…), but no company or organization seems to be reaching out to the masses of non-gun owners to present to true face of gun owners in America.  This should change as “preaching to the choir” will not gain allies.

There is no need to provide the anti-gun forces with any more (ahem) ammunition against us so, as a group, let’s clean up our act ASAP.

  1. jim says:

    this is awesome man

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