How not to shoot yourself.

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Practical Shooting

I was recently reading yet another story of a gun owner shooting themselves while field stripping their firearm.  This particular incident involved a police officer performing routine cleaning of his Glock 22 duty weapon.

Many semi-automatic handguns require you to pull the trigger to disassemble the weapon.  Some weapon designs also encourage you to place your hand in a vulnerable position during slide removal.

While strict adherence to safety rules would suggest a visual check of the chamber, human nature sometimes makes us careless.   It is easy to view victims of these type of injuries as “idiots”, until it happens to you.

Getting shot in the hand is not a trivial matter.  (As an emergency room RN, I can attest that while not common, these types of injuries are not rare either.)  They are incredibly painful because you have more nerve endings in your hands than in your genitalia. These wounds are very slow to heal and often have residual loss of function, and sometimes permanent disability.

Having a 5 gallon bucket full of sand near your workbench is a great way to inexpensively avoid this scenario.  Make it a habit to dry fire your weapon into the pail every time you disassemble your weapon, and you will lessen the chance of having the unthinkable happen to you.

Every person I’ve treated thought they were “too smart” and “too safe” to let this happen to them.

Until it did.

  1. AnTiViRuS says:

    keep it real, iight

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