Batten the Hatches. Media Storm forecast.

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Another NUT SACK CASE has created another national media story.  This is the kind of thing that makes me cringe, as the anti-gun forces will seize upon the use of a weapon as justification for further restrictions on gun ownership.

Yes, in the past few years we have had a mass shooting in Binghamton, NY, the Fort Hood shootings, and the Virginia Tech shooting.  We have also had another idiot fly his airplane into an IRS building, a student deliberately plow his car into a crowded courtyard at UNC-Chapel Hill, and several other tragedies NOT involving firearms occur during the same time frame.

They all have one thing in common:  The perpetrator was mentally ill. (Reading the manifesto of the Discovery Channel gunman James J. Lee, it is clear the gunman was delusional and despises the human race.)

These incidents, while often tragic, will not be prevented by banning gun ownership.  It would make as much sense to ban private aircraft, cars, knives, baseball bats, and gasoline as these have also been used in cases of random violence by mentally disturbed individuals.  (It should be noted that the Discovery Channel guy ALSO had an explosive device, which is mentioned only in passing by the media, since the gun is the only relevant object in their minds.)

It would make more sense to ENCOURAGE gun ownership. In the Binghamton, NY shooting, the Columbine shooting, the Luby’s Massacre, the Virginia Tech incident, and the Fort Hood shooting, the death toll could probably been reduced if even one legally-armed citizen had been able to challenge the gunmen.  Instead, the victims had to cower like sheep while the criminals took their time and selected their victims for termination.

At least this event ended as it should have, with all innocents safe, and the subject “10-7”.  Kudos the the fine LEOs of Silver Spring, Md for a job well done.


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